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Sony Ericsson Idou : New concept phone

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    Default Sony Ericsson Idou : New concept phone

    Sony Ericsson revealed its new flagship Smartphone with the code name Idou.
    Latest promo press materials show amazing device with great 16:9, 3.5" touchscreen and mind boggling 12.1 MP camera equipped with the Xenon flash.

    Even more intriguing factor is that the phone is rumoured to be based on the unspecified version of the Symbian OS and it is not quite clear if it will be based on some of the currently available platforms or it will be powered with the upcoming Symbian Foundation operating system that is supposed to be available in the second half of 2009 year.

    Sony Ericsson Idou 12.1 Megapixel Camera Phone
    Sony Ericsson Idou first eyes-on - CrazyEngineers Forum

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    ya the phone is very nice but i really dont understant why all the companies wont give 100% good things in one phone itself, see as seeing the features i guess it will be costing more than 30k so when we are giving it yet we dont get full options.

    3.5mm jack everybody wants it as we can plugin any type of headphone or speakers etc.. SE has given it in its previous phones but not in this.....!

    key pad.... ! as its a fully touch screen phone without keypad its very hard to message, everytime while messageing have to look at the screen and type with only single hand.... but in keypad phones most of the people use both hands to type the message & even without looking at the keypad.

    As i think no elderly person will go for this type of expencive phone ie 35 or 40+ its the young generation which wants all the gadgets & stuff loaded in just one piece .... so young generation uses mesaging more then elderly persons so it again a drawback of the phone....

    rest all the phone features of the phone are awesome its very good liked it but wont buy it and will wait for the same phone with my other two requirements....

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    Basically, i don't like the touchscreen phones. They are very sensitive and needs to be handle carefully. the only advantage i see is the big screen. The other features we can get in a non-touch screen phones too.

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    WOoow looks great, definetly iphone killer..

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