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Sony Ericsson Cellular Phone in Goa, India

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    Default Sony Ericsson Cellular Phone in Goa, India

    I have an old cellular phone (Sony Ericsson K700i) that I would like to activate and use in Goa India.

    I was told by Fido/Rogers (old network provider of this cell. phone) that I would need to unlock the phone first in order to activate it with any service provider in India. Or, that I can activate it with Fido in Goa, India, but the representative could not confirm if Fido/Rogers is available in Goa.

    So, here are my questions:

    1. Can I get my cellular phone unlocked in Goa?

    2. Is there a Fido/Rogers network in Goa?

    Any assistance would be much appreciated.

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    Fido or Rogers is not available in Goa/India

    Try some mobile phone repair shop in tourist areas and they will be able to unlock your phone for something like Rs200-500 something in that range.

    Or in other case if you cant find anyone who can unlock your phone just buy a cheap mobile phone for the time you are in Goa for say Rs1000-1500 and that should do it.

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