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Is ODI losing popularity for T20 format?

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    Default Is ODI losing popularity for T20 format?

    In Cricket the new addition is T20 game but within a 2 year this format of cricket becomes so popular. This popularity is not only in cricket playing nation but also some other nation like this game also this questions become more relevant with the popularity of T20, is 50 over matches losing importance for spectator ? I feel even in few years ago peoples are very much interested in 50 over matches but recently not like that much. Some one can think why I am not taking about the test matches but one thing I want to clear that test matches are totally different type of game where game mode changes in session by session and also it’s very much dependent upon the pitches and when nature of pitches become change(4th & 5th day) then matches become more interesting and those who have time at least any one can see one session or two session of entire matches. But T20 & 50 over matches are almost same in pattern one is shorter version another is longer. Personally I feel that T20 matches have full of excitement and I like this new format of the game very much.
    But what others are thinking ? I feel situation’s are changing now all the persons become busier in these days only few people has time to watch full 8 hour matches in a single day some times in holiday also I feel tied to see such time consuming matches. Lots of people says that we watch first and last few over in ODI I think then T20 is better option no one to select the over and the entire game can be finished within 4 hour.
    What is your view about it ?
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    The time has not come where T20 is threating ODIs but it may come in near future if the ICC don't take necessary steps.

    I feel that in order to make ODIs survive, limited T20 must be played. One T20 per every bi-lateral tour. & we have this T20 world cup every 2 years.

    If too much of T20 is played then it may well be the end of ODIs...
    So the amount of T20 played must be limited.
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    well 20-20 is more fun n as such to watch a match for the whole day or day-nite.....takes up a lot of time.....!!!

    i personally enjoy watchign em.....prolly over sum time period dont b shock if there s sumthing like 10-10 cums up.......!

    like i was speaking to sumone today n we discussed tht there shud ve been 5 20-20's n one ODI....lolz....
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