The below are already stated in India Broadband Forum - FAQ: Forum Rules and Regulations - Warez Rules. But if these are not very clear, here is a better formatted and more detailed version.

What is warez?
Obtained IP (intellectual property: software/music/movies/tv-series/tv-shows) either through download, serial, or crack in a manner that either explicitly or implied breaks the copyright or license for that IP. Almost all torrent and p2p downloads fall in this category.

Do NOT give warez / Do NOT link to warez
Distributing warez. This includes linking to warez either directly or to crack or serial sites. Offering warez in any fashion including PM or e-mail is against forum policy.

Do NOT ask for warez
Requesting another member for a link to download warez (as defined above) constitutes "Asking for warez". In any fashion, this is unacceptable including but not limited to PM or e-mail requests or information on what p-2-p network has copies.

Do NOT provide information on how to obtain warez
By providing information on how to obtain warez, you are contributing to worldwide piracy. If someone is asking for warez, report the post. If you are unsure whether the information that you are about to provide constitutes under warez class, please PM the Administrator or the Moderators.

Do NOT advocate warez
Under no circumstances promote or advocate warez. Recommending the use of warez is against forum policy.

Note following anyof the above rules will result in a ban without notice.

To safeguard the best interests of this forum:
  • Please report posts that are advocating warez
  • Please report posts that are asking for warez
  • Please ask (Admin/Moderators) when in doubt on Warez definition