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Help in posting the threads...!

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    Default Help in posting the threads...!

    I searched but did not find any thread saying the tips to post a new thread.....
    so created this one..... let all the tips and guides for posting be asked here and replied too...

    my problem is i want to post a General off topic thread where i want to show images (exactly 10) how the dolphins are brutally killed in Denmark....

    so while typing if i click the add image button it asks URL i gave it but when i previewed it the image was not there insted there was a link to it..

    i tried to add in attachments but i can attach only 5 so please guide me how can i do it......?

    guyz i need help........!
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    First let us understand the limitations. There are some restrictions that are imposed on the forum.

    a) A post can have at most eight images. That includes smiley's also.
    b) You can attach no more than 5 files to a single post.

    To link to image URL, use the (IMG)(/IMG) tags (replace the round braces with equivalent square braces. You do not need to add images as attachments if the image is already hosted.

    If the image is not already hosted, you can do the following:

    a) Attach the image itself. But this necessitates clicking on the image to view it. Also in some offices (like mine), Websense or equivalent content screening software will block images.

    b) Host the image on numerous image hosting sites like Imageshack and link the IMG url in IMG tags.
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    Thanks man its ok i ll reduce my images to 8 ... Thanks issue resolved......!

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