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Missing posts.

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    Default Missing posts.


    My post go missing at times from this thread.

    At times I can see them and sometimes not. I do not know why it is like this.

    The same thing happened to me before in 2-3 threads. If it is some technical problem, please check.

    If it has to do something with my settings, please let me know so that I can correct them.I used screengrab to give you an idea.

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    The One


    1) I know that this question might be weird. Anyway, does this happen only when you are signed out of

    2) Report it in this thread when you face the situation again.

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    I have opted for remember me in Google chrome. I use GC for ibf and my mails. For others I use FF. I checked using GC and I was logged in that time. Since GC do not have screengrab, i used the link in FF. That is why it shows not logged in.

    Apart from that I cannot see one of the authors posts. How is it possible? I can see two of them, but not the third one? very strange.

    It happened with some other threads too. Not recently.

    Even now it is like that. It is only occasionally I can see all my posts (only in that particular thread). In case of other threads it is ok.

    Can anyone see my posts in that thread. Please post here if you do.
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    May be due to repeated thread Look this

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    The One


    Quote Originally Posted by sujithsukrutham View Post
    May be due to repeated thread Look this
    Yes, you are right.


    Check this:
    1) Checkdisk 1
    2) Checkdisk 2
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    I really dont have words to describe this. I wanted to help him and I cannot see his answers to my suggestions. Really felt bad. Thanks for solving the confusion.

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