Respected Admin Jee and others concerned. When you had first told about the contest, i was excited thinking that now i will get paid for what i like doing. I was under the impression that i would be contributing to our forum to make it better and more information rich, so more people get what they want and more people join us. But now i see that they are on a blog and not on our forum, also, even the author's name is changed. You have all rights to do so, but, it would be better if the articles came back to the form with the sender's name. This way,It would help the forum, if anyone google's what they want, its got a good chance that it would direct them to our forum. But now, your blog would have an article bank and you will constantly feed things into it, not an idea that i would personally like. I felt kind of cheated and was really upset. I told about this to some close frens and now i m telling openly how i feel.I may have got your intentions incorrectly since i do not have much of a business mind. Plz tell us if this is possible. I will be waiting.