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broadband consumer association of india?

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    Default broadband consumer association of india?

    hey guys, iv been reading a lot on this forum since ages but have just signed up cus i think it's high time us indian broadband consumers do something about being robbed by our isps..

    dont u think we need to have some sort or consumer association whether online or for real whose directors can speak on behalf of us over here to trai and isps of india regarding our issues?

    i think many people who work for our isps read our discussions on here but nobody is bothered about what we want and need cus we are not complaining about it together.

    i don't understand whats the logic behind providing educated consumers with 256/512 kbps speeds for 1200 p.m or so.. considering the fact that updating various programs on our systems take a lot of time on these speeds..

    dont u all think we should be getting atleast 1 mbps or 2 mbps unlimited 24/7 on service for the amount of price we are paying for 512 kbps connection today?

    seriously us guys need to do something about it cus as per consumer's act of india, we have the right to do so.. we should bring this issue forward and make it a mainstream media news

    we should let our isps know we are aware of whats going on around the broadband world and what we desire instead of letting our isps take it easy by thinking lets not do anything until they protest which is most unlikely to happen, yeah thats what they think about us.. i have no doubt about it..

    all we need is a bunch of intelligent people having business education and we will be good to go, we dont have to spend a penny, all we need is the will to form an association that can speak for many of indian broadband consumers

    i might have typed in some errors but i cant help it as am brain dead as of now, all i wanted to do was put forward this idea of mine before u guys, thanks

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    Most companies providing broadband services are private sector companies and are not bothered about what an association or a bunch of guys have to say on this forum.

    Sending a letter signed by a million people will not make any difference and nor would news on television. This is pure economics.
    The only language the corporate world understands is the language of money.

    The quality and speed up gradation is an ongoing process and happens with time. No company would lower their price just because you and me want them to.

    The only way customers can make any difference is by switching to the isp that provides best value for money and when the isps see the price sensitivity of consumers they will get into a price war. This is not an over night process and would take some time before broadband prices and quality becomes at par with the rest of the world.

    I am not too good at what is going on in India so please take my statement with a pinch of salt.


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    Default @Admin

    what you are saying is 100% true.

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