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    Default Reputation Points

    I see that i have 2 rep power and when i click on it shows following msg. check the attachment.

    is there any relation of rep points and no of posts ?

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    Normally member get 1st reputation power with 10-15 post now from then most probably reputation power increase in three way

    1. Reputation power will increase +1 with every 1000 post of member
    2. Reputation power will increase +1 with every 100 reputation you received
    3. Reputation power will increase +1 with every 1 one year (or anniversary ) from your registration day

    your rep power 2 because one you got first repo for 10-15 post and second for your 1 year membership in this forum.

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    Reputation power is achieved by points accumulated from others giving you repo's as well as number of posts.

    1. Every 100 points received results in 1 reputation point.
    2. Every 1000 posts also give one reputation point.

    Your reputation power means the amount of points that you can give when you add a repo. For instance, your power is '2'. You recently awarded me a repo. I got '2' points from you. My repo power is 19. So every time, I give a repo, 19 points are awarded to the receipient.

    All about vBulleting Reputation settings:
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