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Problem citations through sms

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    Default Problem citations through sms

    I was thinking of something that is not very familiar to many people in India, but that is useful a many times when someone doesnt have internet access in hand.
    If one can send his bb problem through phones gprs, thats good, but if he doesnt have a gprs connection handy, he can send a mere sms (that will cost him) which will turn into an email and go automatically into a different forum (something like)" anonymous user problems regarding internet".

    I am using this tech from Indiatimes, from around 3 years. Because sending an international sms was costly for me, (Rs. 5) i browsed through internet and saw that an email could be sent on an id like mobilenumber@sms.operator.xx and it will turn into a sms and reach the ISD number. Though still costly than normal sms(because its a premium operator service) i was charged around 1.5 and then Rs. 3 per message by bsnl. Now let me come to the topic.

    So my idea is about users would be able to send an email through this as or something and it will be posted automatically onto the forum. I am not sure, vbull has that feature or could be added onto it or not. But this can increase site traffic and users can discuss on this. This can be helpful for those who have no access for emergent error posting.

    Drawbacks, 1. Message poster wont be able to read messages on his error post.
    2. Premium message service so can cost upto Rs. 3 per 160 char./ message.
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    Nice idea. Let us see what turns out of it.

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    Default How to send email using Indiatimes(those who dont know)

    select new message/compose message on your mobile,..
    Enter recipient as 58888 (no registration required).

    Now type your message like this..

    SENDMAIL USER@DOMAIN.COM HI HOW ARE YOU<<total mesg starting from SENDMAIL to bye must be 160 chars., if you write more than 160 chars it wont be send and your money will be wasted>>

    Rs. 3/- per message. Mails sent as, no web login, no replies on this email, its just a send-mail thing.
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