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Loopholes in TRAI regulations? (QoS for broadband)

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    Exclamation Loopholes in TRAI regulations? (QoS for broadband)

    TARI QoS regulations are in effect but are quiet useless.. (In relation to my WIMAX connection)

    1) No performance standards for wireless, yet!
    For the broadband
    wireless access (BWA), since the technology is evolving and implementation is at
    the nascent stage, no benchmark for packet loss and latency is proposed. The
    Authority would revisit this issue later.
    usually I encounter 20-30% packet loss to gateway.
    ping latency of about 40ms to gateway while >200ms for other websites (also to .

    2) Rebate
    Faults Pending for > 15 working days: rebate equivalent to one month of minimum monthly charge or equivalent usage allowance.
    i) Who decides that fault is been resolved? (as all my reliance complaints have status 'RESOLVED' even though the fault remains as it is, and the reason is said to be 'SERVER FAULT')
    ii) rebate is calculated when problem is fixed. (so when the problem exist, for over a month I still need to pay the bill for that month)
    iii) If the fault is never resolved & I give up, no rebate for me!! (if suffering from poor service for a long time & I don't see any results and I would like to switch to other provider I CANNOT CLAIM REBATE!! [as issue was never solved, neither was the rebate calculated...]).

    3) Service Availability / Uptime
    98% with effect from quarter ending September 2007 and onwards
    "Downtime for the purpose of upgrading or routine maintenance of the
    network system shall be excluded from the calculation of the service availability/
    uptime provided that users are informed in advance of any such upgradation or
    maintenance action."
    As I was confirmed multiple times from reliance customer care executive; they have no way to inform customer in advance about such scheduled work (which is almost 3 whole days in a month).How do they even consider to meet the benchmark adding actual downtime?

    4) Always ON !!
    As per Broadband Policy, the Broadband has been defined as “an always on data connection that has the capability of the minimum download speed of 256 kbps to an individual subscriber from the Point of Presence (POP) of the service provider where multiple such individual broadband connections are aggregated”.
    even so, I am using a single user plan for which I need to login every 24 hrs.(30 minutes according to a reliance customer care executive), and they do not allow me to setup proxy server and share the Internet connection.(I've shared the connection; they claim the problem I am facing is due to Internet sharing).
    why would I ever opt for static IP and login at least every 24 hours?

    my main problem is that reliance is unable to solve some server issue from 31-March for which my first complaint was on 5'th April, and my complaint ID's (1137122804,1138291004,151034729,1138496204,151034 729,152080109,152177122,151576836,151862880,152080 109,152177122,152583632) are closed with excuse "problem at the server".(which was not informed to me, I had to ask customer care multiple times for that, one of which hanged phone on me!)

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    when you have an economy like this.. (open generous and fkin) you got to leave some paid sinks like that..
    job takes the child away.

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