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    i joined this site only recently and while browsing the forums i found that except for a first few posts in most of the sections most of them are over 6 months old...Now i understand this site is mostly related to broadband and networking(hence the name) but to attract more people to the domain it needs to expand its horizon...Firstly opinions and reviews should be separated from the forums and given a separate page...posts about latest technologies, products, tariff changes introduced in the indian market should be published...a site covering more categories of products is usually more popular than one that sticks to just one category(ign >gamespot, engadget>gsmarena)..just a suggestion

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    hi sharang
    best idea to this forum post many like to get popular this
    thank you

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    thanx but as far as i think this site is just a forum for people to interact and making it a mainline technical/gadget(whatever the term) site isnt what the admins want and its fine..

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    Yes. You are right. There are so many areas that can be improved on this site to make it a better experience for India broadband users.

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