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non refund of security deposit

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    Default non refund of security deposit

    I applied for surrender of my Broadband Connection in July 10 but my connection was terminated nearly 2.5 months after the date of application in October, 2010.

    My Security with BSNL was Rs1500 but I was sent a refund of Rs 437 after deducting Charges for the July to October period Rs 1063 Even though I had made a final payment of Rs 1070 in full settlement.

    Now even though the Records of BSNL show the receipt of Rs 1070.. they are not refunding the same to Me citing technical problems with the refund.

    I have not received the refund despite repeated reminders and 18 months lapse.

    Because I threatened them with legal action in the consumer court, they have obstructed by Current Broadband Connection ( with the same old number) and are not attending to my complaints

    How should I proceed further...

    Please assist.


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    BSNL telephone-adalats will be conducted every month, please check in your place when it will be conducted and attend with all details and present your case there.
    Before that, please see the Commercial Officer or a higher-up official and enquire as to what really happened. They are all not that bad.
    Best of luck !

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