I am looking to hire a few people to work on the forum full time to help new members with troubleshooting with their issues and you can work from home without having to attend an office every day.

Ideal candidate would be some one who is extremely good at troubleshooting router and modem related issues and also other computer, DTH and mobile phone related problems and have good command over English language. You will also be required to create tutorials on different modems and routers etc using screen shots and make life easier for new broadband users. You would not be given moderation rights on the forum.

Location is not a problem but you should be able to commit to certain number of hours every day that you can work for. I would only hire some one who is able to demonstrate their abilities of troubleshooting issues by either referring to their replies in threads on this forum or some other similar niche forum.

Pay: I would like to discuss this with the individual concerned separately.

If you would like to apply for this position you can send me an e-mail at : Indiabroadband at gmail dot com