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    Default Friend requests

    I just want to know what it really means. Does it share any personal details when we accept someone's friend request on this forum? I hope it does not add people to my facebook account, does it? Could some one please explain to me what this function would do so I dont get surprises later.

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    When you accept someones friend request it does not have anything to do with your facebook. When you accept someone's request it would just add that user's ID to your friends list and that can be later used to set rules about who can send you personal messages or who can write a visitors message on your profile page and so on. Once some one is in your friends list you would see a + sign against that users ID at the bottom of the forum home page when they are online. So its these little enhancements that come with it. No personal details are shared and we dont even have Facebook login support leave alone adding someone to your friends list on facebook

    Please ask if I have left something out.

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    One can set some privacy options. For instance, I have some albums here on this forum. I have set the access to these albums to friends only. So guests/visitor and other registered forum members can't view my albums.
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