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Problems while logging in...

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    Default Problems while logging in...


    This is the second time I am facing problem while I am trying to log in...

    Even after putting my ID and password correctly the browser still carries me to the same window where it asks me for the id and password...

    When I look at the current active user i found my name there...

    only when i have tried to register again, it should me the message that "you are already a member"...from that link I clicked on HOME from where I am now able to post my comment

    I request you to kindly look into this so that this wont happen again


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    as discussed before this happens when we type without www so if it gives you any problem like this then you can just try to type complete address with www

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    Well, I never knew that, thanks firefox.
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    Or you could also try this firefox add-on (forgot the name) which automatically corrects the address u enter in the address bar...

    For ex: if you enter zzz.con it ll be automatically corrected to www. .com

    if you miss www it ll be automatically added...

    Dont u use Bookmarks ?

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    bookmarks are not possible everywhere and it happens a number of times when your work computer stops working or home computer is not working at that time you really need to use another computer which don't have bookmarks saved so this happens sometimes
    Just a handy tip that if this thing happens then you can simply try to add www before address

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