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Political and general news section

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    Default Political and general news section

    Would you guys like us to have a new politics and general news discussion sort of section?

    If enough members are interested we can start it today itself and atleast vent our anger towards politicians on the forum

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    Hey that would be gr8......hey admin can you do something like an introtion section or something like wud be gr8 to know the people than their nicknames

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    If a few more members want an introduction section we can start it... no problems atall.

    Does anyone else wants us to have a politics and general new discussion section? If you dont want it ... saying no in this thread would make your opinion count or else I would never find out who wants what.

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    i think the political discussion section would be nice...
    maybe have a section on books too..

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    Politics and general news section would be great. All are mature members who will not run away with "enthusiasm".
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    I am least interested in politics but General News is a great idea we all will keep each other updated on the daily basis

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