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Request for a new Sub-Forum

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    Post Request for a new Sub-Forum

    Hey ,

    Admin is there any possibility that you ll be able to introduce a new sub-forum in the mobile phone category ??

    A windows Mobile sub-forum ?? Under the Mobile phones category

    A lot of companies like Blackberry , HTC , I-Mate , Hewlett Packard (HP) come under this category......And i think we have a significant number of Indians using these phones ....

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    even though i dont hav a wm phone, i still support you

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    That's a good idea

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    Admin Pls reply .....what do you think is it worth a look in ....wm subforum??

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    ya its a good idea to open a new topic as now vodafone and airtel both are providing i phone with connection so that can help a lot and can provide fast resolution to number of members and can help to put something new in our knowledge base

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    Yes, something like mobile dicussion forum will be nice, along with symbian,UIQ etc tricks and tips section.
    Munni badnaam hui, darling tere liye
    Le zandu balm hui, darling tere liye

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    Smile Bringing more active female members to our site


    I just had an idea ....Now what new thread would possibly make this forum more women friendly ?....How about a section on Recipes ? I know tat if there is one thing that Women use the net for ,it's for searching recipes !....My mum, my Aunt , almost all my female friends and also some of my male friends including me do search for recipes over the net .....So y not a Section on that ?

    Here are some sites i came across about (what women want from the internet)

    Pew Internet: Women and Men Online

    What Do Women Want From the Internet? | The New York Observer

    Now u might wonder where i got this sudden idea from ?
    Well its a story that just happened a few mins before i started writing this post....It would have been better posted in the jokes section..

    Well it all started when i decided that i had a lot of time to waste and so i would try and cook something exotic today...well it all went well ,till the place where i was suppose to microwave the stuff ....

    well to put it shortly, due to me not paying attention to what i was doing(thinking about my work prob), i ended up grilling the stuff(its just a matter of 2 buttons)...nothing wrong with it ,except the fact that now there's a nice round hole in the container's plastic top (about 2 cms)

    i fear some of the melted plastic might have fallen into the food
    Because i do not have a death wish .....i decided to chuck the stuff...

    Now i have to go out and eat ...

    Well its 10 pm, i dont no how many restaurant's are open now ....i have a feeling i am going to go to bed hungry ,today ....

    Well this is the incident which gave me the above brainwave :ninja:

    Moral of the story:I am a philosopher/thinker (optimist)


    I am a pathetic chef
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    Being wasted my own precious life's 3 years at an IHM I can also provide a bit of input although there will be no gurantees of life after consuming that food


    Go run man get something to eat before your stomach starts digesting itself
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    Recipe section would be good admin pls implement it...

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