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    As per popular decision, we are limiting the external kinks in signatures to two (2) only. Internal links are allowed to exceed 2 but please restrict total links (internal + external) to no more than 4 or 5.

    Also Forum rules in FAQ Page for signature state:
    1. Max 3 lines text using font size 12 (bbcode font=Normal) or smaller and using forum width 680 pixels.
    2. Max image size 400x60 and max file size 10kbyte.
    3. No animated images and only GIF, JPG or PNG images.
    All members are advised to adhere to the above rules and prune their signatures if required. If we find signatures that do not comply with the above rules, we may delete them. Also note that advertising rules apply to signatures as well.

    Why is this rule implemented?
    1. Long signatures make the post lengthy for no reason at all.
    2. Long signatures are irritating to many.
    3. We do not want to be a medium for free advertising. The webmaster has a right to earn money out of sponsored links.
    4. Links to personal websites and blogs are allowed. That is not considered advertising as long as they are not revenue earning sites for the owner of the signature. But surely two such links are more than enough.
    5. The three text lines should be good enough for you. You can announce yourself with that but the three lines are not intended for personal biodata, your computer specs, your ISP details, etc. Please use the User CP for this.
    6. The idea is that people should be able to scroll quickly from post to post and not distracted by long text, animated GIFs, etc.

    Hope you will understand the reasoning.

    Deliberately bumping the thread to bring attention...
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