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It will be good if they give individual channels!

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    Talking It will be good if they give individual channels!

    I am using sun direct from the begining. the customer care is very good. They are providing many channels in one package. It will be good if they provide individual channels because i don't like all the channels in a package!
    Comedy Thirai must be given free! Free!

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    Me too wish the same, but they wont.
    why because, They want to make profit through the packages only.
    Comedy thirai will be free, if we all didn't subscribe it for 3 months.

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    i dont want sun to cost for comedy thirai its good but onthly Rs.20 was too high even they are charging Rs.10/- for vijay and raj tv

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    I am expecting a ruling from supreme court any day to the TRAI asking them to charge for channels individually.

    I have a tata sky and i wish i could only pay for the channels i watch....I mean what is the fuss all about....i hardly watch 10 channels...why do i pay for 500 channels..just because they are part of a pacakage...that seesm to be ridiculous

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