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Sun direct most costly DTH, Over Rs.600 per month

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    Default Sun direct most costly DTH, Over Rs.600 per month

    while google search on Sun direct i have Just came across a very interesting Article posted by some guy in some website..... please find below the article.

    Sundirect is most costly DTH, Over Rs.600 Per Month

    while seeing the Sun Direct packges closely i have found that Sun direct is the most costly DTH among all the dth available in the India.

    I have just compared it with dishtv below with Sun direct packages.

    Comparison: Dishtv Platinum Pack + Colors+ UTV pack and Between Sundirect's Shine Pack+ Jumbo + Sports channels.

    Taken these packs because Sun direct won't have any other pack then base pack rest all is ala-carte.

    1. Economy- Dishtv Packages are more economical the Sun direct packages ------ Dish platinum(283+ Tax) + Colors( 20+ tax)+ UTV pack (Rs.25+ tax) = Rs.362

    Where as Sundirect Shine Pack (99+ Tax)+ Jumbo (Rs.300+ Tax) + Sports channels (Rs.143+ tax)( espn, star sports, star cricket, Zee Sports, Tensports). Total= Rs.600

    Approx Rs.250 More the dishtv package.

    2. Channels ----- Dishtv have more number of channels the Sun direct. even in the above mentioned packs Dishtv Has 188 channels and services and Sundirect have 170 channels and services.

    3. Important Extra Channels on Dishtv------- Even afterTaking so many packs for Sun direct it still misses few channels which dishtv have in their platinum pack.
    these are: SAB , Sahara One, Discovery Travel & Living, Zoom, Zee Action, Premiere, Classics, MGM, MTV.

    4. Extra Channels on Sun direct: Bindass, World Movies, Babay TV, Fox, Fox Crime.

    So over all if you see Sun direct is very costly as compared to Dishtv.
    When comparing the same set of channels as per platinum pack Sun direct cost the same channels At Rs.600 and still missing few channels.

    Where as dishtv cost only Rs.362 And miss very few channels hardly 3-4 channels.

    Also if you see all the ala-carte's are very very costly in Sun direct I am just comparing a few below

    1. Sun direct (mercury Super)= Rs.52+ Tax And Dishtv (Cinemagic Pack)= Rs.35+ tax
    Channels--- Zee Cinema, Star Gold and Setmax.

    2.Sun direct (Mercury )= Rs.50+ tax and Dishtv (Movie World)= Rs.25+ tax
    Channels--- Star Movies, HBO, PIX. whereas dishtv have one extra channels in this pack Zee Studios. Still available at half rate of what sun direct is giving.

    3. Sun direct (Mercury Plus)= Rs.70+ tax and Dishtv(Movie World + Explorer Pack) = Rs.50+ tax
    Channels---Star Movies, HBO, PIX, Zee Studio, Animal Planet, NGC whereas dishtv have 2 extra channels in this pack discovery and History. Still cost Rs.20 less

    4. Sun direct (Hindi Pack)= Rs.30+ tax and Dishtv (Maha Ent pack) = Rs.25+ tax
    Channels ---- Zee tv and Sony Where as dishtv has 1 extrs channel Star Plus . Still cost less.

    5. Sun direct (Pluto Super)= Rs.55+ tax and Dishtv (Extreme Cartoon)= Rs.45+ tax.
    Channels-- Pogo, CN, Hungama, Nick, Disney, Animax Whereas dishtv has 1 extra channel Jetix and still cost less.

    6. Sun direct (Neptune Pack)= Rs.90 and Dishtv (Cinemagic + Maha ent packs)= Rs.60+ tax
    Channels--- Zee tv Star Plus, Sony, Zee Cinema, Star Gold. Where as dishtv has 1 extra channel Set max and still cost Rs.30+ tax less then what charged by Sun direct if you add Set max cost Rs.20+ tax then the difference is Rs.50+ tax for same set of channels.

    Further you can also check for jupiter, venus and neptue plus packs also where also too costly.

    So with sun direct only base pack is economic but doesnot have required channels. and all other ala-carte is very costly .

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    You are absolutely correct. Sun DTH is cheeting people by giving ads.

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    SUN direct will be suitable for Who want only regional packages at 75 per month...its not suitable for those who need sports or other packages for them big tv is suitable..i got chance to discuss to a dude from sun direct.He said sun direct is aiming mainly only peoples at basic or low level in india As they cant afford 250rs per month in other DTH's

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    Ye tera mehenga
    job takes the child away.

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    Recharge All networks Best Rates in India. Try

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    Quote Originally Posted by 99tshirts View Post
    Sun DTH is cheeting people by giving ads.
    The present change in basic pack cost is unjustified. There is no change in communication cost. Eventhen, the cost is escalated. someone explain if they know.

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