When the DTH services were introduced in India, it was projected as a service for the elite and the rich. Even middle class people hesitated to signup for the DTH services because they were priced so high when compared to the cable TV service providers. Some of the early players like Dish TV and Tata Sky were priced so high both in terms of the initial cost involved and in terms of the monthly subscriptions. Then came the revolutionary DTH company, Sun Direct. They changed the whole new concept of DTH services in India through their bottom rock prices. Both initial costs as well as the monthly subscriptions are very low with Sun Direct DTH. It is now found to be cheaper than the cheapest cable TV service in India. As a result cable TV operators suffered a great deal to minimize the impact of loss, many cable TV operators started taking Sun Direct dealership so that they can still be in business in some form.

Sun Direct DTH has many cheap packages and it shows that they have done their homework well before coming into the market. As a result, they were able to understand their customer trend and preferences. Rather than offering many bells and whistles, they offered only basic features but it contained everything customers expected from their DTH. Though the prices are low, they offer good quality services. The quality of the video and audio at the cheapest prices offered by Sun Direct DTH has forced other service providers to reduce their prices. Even today, their prices remain unmatched in India. What once used to be the service for the elite and the rich can now be seen even in the remotest villages of India. They have captured the highest market share though they have entered the DTH market very late. BIG TV is trailing behind trying to match the prices of Sun Direct.

Many new service providers are expected in the market. BSNL is expected to launch its own service of DTH soon. Videocon too is expected to launch its DTH services. We have to wait and see whether they are able to out do Sun Direct. Many customers are hoping that BSNL will have an attractive pricing structure being a government owned operation.

Though Sun Direct has become highly popular, they have not stopped their aggressive marketing. They are constantly adding new features and channels to their packages. Their packages are very wallet friendly. They can be easily afforded by middle class families. If Sun Direct likes to continue this trend, they should make sure that they have the best customer service. In terms of customer service, Big TV seems to offer better experience to its customers. By fine tuning its customer service skills further, Sun Direct will continue to rule the DTH market.