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Whats up with Sundirect?? VOD movie service still faulty?

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    Default Whats up with Sundirect?? VOD movie service still faulty?

    It seems, they are facing technical crisis I have heard they had some days of downtime due to satellite issues. In their site it states 'VOD Movie Services will resume shortly' it has been like a month and a half has passed and this service is still unavailable. A month and a half doesn't sound short enough to me, services need to be up-to-date and the technical teams should be geared to face such unforseen crisis. They need to fix it up ASAP or atleast give the time period when they intend to provide the service . 'Shortly' sounds very vague and defensive in terms of them taking their own time with getting things sorted.

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    Yes I have checked, the website still shows downtime of VOD service.

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    Default Sundirect

    What is the problem with sundirect when heavy winds are rain falls it is totally gone

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    Thats with most DTH services, whenever there is rain you will experience disturbance. But with wind there should not be any problems at all.

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    It maybe that VOD services have not been properly launched. It is best to call Sun Direct and ask them about the problem.

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