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How to Play Recorded Program from 'Sun Direct+' in Windows PC

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    Question How to Play Recorded Program from 'Sun Direct+' in Windows PC

    I am using Sun Direct+ for the past 4 months, I have a option of recording programs using USB port provided in the setup box!!
    I recorded programs in it and i tried to play it on my windows 8 pc, I failed. I tried in all players I know, i changed the extensions of the files too but no luck..
    The recorded pen drive contains a PVR folder, inside it contains some numbered folder and inside that contains DATA folder and mystream file...
    But i can play recorded program directly on Sun Direct+ !!
    Please help me to play my recorded program in my windows pc !!!

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    You cannot play them on any other device. It would only work on your set top box.

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    What ever that gets saved in your USB is encrypted and to play it else where you would need the key which obviously you dont have. It would break the copy right laws if you played it on your PC hence the encryption. It can only be played on your Sun DTH box. It is the same with stuff that gets saved in tata sky hard drive or dish TV.

    There may be ways to do that but I can assure you there is no straight forward way of achieving this.

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