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Sun dth stb's not as per BIS standards & voilating Govt Norms

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    Default Sun dth stb's not as per BIS standards & voilating Govt Norms

    I have heard and seen some articles on orkut and some other forums that STB provided by sun direct dth is of sub standard and are not as per the BIS STANDARDS and also not following govt norms for stb's :

    Beacuse as per govt all the dth company will follow thw same standard for stbs and currently uses MPEG2 TECHNOLOGY. but sun direct is not following it and just provide stb which supports MPEG 4, which are not interoperable with any other service provider where govt rules says it should be interoperable.

    Why this voilation of govt rules only because they are running out govt there.???? and what happen if govt tells them to change their stbs and made them interoperable ????? and further a lots of question are there which needs to be answered....did any body have answers for this.

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    Agree with you Arun, I have also seen some of the articles in this regards in some sites, but what i have heard from different sites are that sun dth has got approval for mepg2 stb's and our govt rules and regulations are also for mpeg2 further BI standards will also says that all stb's are interoperable, but because sun is having mpeg4 stb's its not possible to have interoperability with other existing dth services with sun dth.

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    It could be because they are giving it for free, i guess. They should be inquired by TRAI or some other company which is incharge of dth. Else they have already might have sold around 1000s of stb's thru their marketing strategy and i wonder what will happen to those who brought it!

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