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Aakash for only Rs.3000, is it worth to buy?

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    Default Aakash for only Rs.3000, is it worth to buy?

    * High quality web anytime, anywhere
    * Connect via GPRS or WIFI
    * GPRS: Embedded modem eliminates the need for external dongles and allow internet access everywhere.
    * WIFI: Allows fast youtube videos at hotspots
    * Fast web access even on GPRS networks, across the country using DataWind's patented acceleration technology
    * Web, email, facebook, tweeter and much much more
    * High quality video streaming & HD quality video playback
    * Games, Full Office suit, Educational software, over 150,000 apps
    * Expandable memory to 32GB
    * Use any ordinary pen drive
    * And it's a Phone to make/receive voice calls

    * Android OS 2.3
    * Cortex A8, 700 Mhz Process with HD Video Co Processor
    * 256 MB RAM
    * Storage: (Internal) 2GB Flash / (External) 2GB to 32GB Supported
    * Peripherals: 2 Standard USB Ports (Ver. 2.0)
    * Audio Out: 3.5mm jack
    * Display and Resolution: 7" Display with 800x480 pixels
    *Supported Document Formats: All Version Office Document formats and many more
    * High Quality Video Streaming & HD Quality Video Playback
    * Input Devices: Resistive Touch Screen
    * Connectivity with GPRS & WiFi IEEE 802.11 a/b/g
    * Battery: Upto 180 minutes of battery, AC adaptor 200.240 volts

    what do you think friends...... shall I buy?

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    wait for sometime, they are going to increase the ram... (this will happen when BJP will centre)
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    Default what is the shipping schedule for ubislate 7+

    also please tell me when i can i expect to get more Ah on battery..for 6 hours

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    Any owners here or anyone used it here ?

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    Datawind is yet to set up manufacturing facility in India. ITs going to take at least another 3 months before the first reaches the hand of common public.
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    Till now I am not totally convinced with this Aakash, not much but just a few reasons
    * Doesn't have 3G (HSDPA7.2) so its kind of useless on the go
    * Battery will last for 180 minutes only so again useless on the go
    * 256MB RAM means multiple applications can't run smoothly
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    Its not worth the wait, you will order it thinking that its cheap and has many features, but you dont know how long you have to wait for, in the mean time get a good brand like MIcromax for around Rs4500.

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