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Flipkart's self branded Tablet PC

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    Default Flipkart's self branded Tablet PC

    Flipkart is all set to launch their own branded tablet PC. Flipkart is an online site which sells all branded electronic products, and have extended their range of products with time to toys, clothing and home furnishing.
    Being Flipkart's own brand the tablet PC has good chances of high sales, but that can only be told for certain when any kind of information about the actual product is known.

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    I think that they took their sales data for different tablets and checked out the price points that are sweet in India and contacted the same manufacturing facility as the "other" fast selling tablet to get hold of their profit margins instead of a 4-5% cut for sales. It should give them a huge margin to play with and still make much more profit. Sales margin + manufacturers margin/2 = A hell lot of sales of the product
    That is how I look at it.

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