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Something on my mind for tata docomo

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    Lightbulb Something on my mind for tata docomo

    After using TATA DOCOMO 3g speed in 2g plans ( Just for 2 months ) which was an awesome experience, currently using 2g speed ( 128 kbps ) which is terrible ( still better than nothing ), there is one question on my mind for a long time....& want to ask you all this Question. We all can't afford 3.6 mbps 3G--- 500 mb for 351 Rs.
    My point here is when DOCOMO was giving 7.2 mbps Speed, then they capped the speed to 128 kbps....
    128 kbps plan is --65 rs for 2.5 Gb
    My suggestion would be If they Cap they Speed to...
    384 Kbps (48 kbps D\L Speed) ----200 for 2.5 Gb ( i wouldn't mind paying that)
    How many of you all will be happy with this plan !!!
    Isn't that a Good Suggestion For TATA DOCOMO????

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    suggestions are only valuable only if they are listened. there are huge no. of people who gives there valuable suggestions but the point is company wont listen

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