I've a Sony S Tablet which I connect to Internet using D-Link DIR-457U wifi Router cum Modem (with a SIM card slot). My usage is very limited - only during the transit time in car while commuting between Residence & Office. For usual Primary usage, I use my Home PC with Hathway Broadband.

For Tablet & Router, I've taken Tata SIM with a GPRS Pack Rs. 95 for a month (4 GB free) which is much more than enough for my limited usage. However, the speed obviously being GPRS, is very very slow & I'm looking at options to upgrade it.

There are 2 issues.....

- 3G Plan is quite costlier for what it offers. And I've a very limited usage for this.
- Tata Docomo does not have 3G in Mumbai.

Is there a good cost-effective Internet Plan from Tata Docomo which is not so-bad in Speed?
Can I use other Internet packs like Photon or Photon Plus (without Tata USB Dongle)? Which packs can I use in this way?