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changed plan and speed almost zero?

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    Angry changed plan and speed almost zero?

    I was content with TD 6 gb unlimited plan (Rs, 950) on my 3g e-stic.though restricted my video and music craving.
    I got 3-5 Mbps speed usually.
    One day i went to deposit the bill and the guy told me about another plan- the plan that shall give me 11.5 gb for same rent.
    I bought the new SIM but to my surprise speed reduced to .08-.12 mbps.
    I took the SIM at the TV shop speed was same.
    guy disconnected and again connected speed became 3 gb.
    i returned home.
    but again and again speed reduces to .08-.12 mbps. now connecting-disconnecting does't matter.
    guys were clueless.

    any body experienced something like this? did they give me 2g Sim? how to find that?
    what is strange on my SIM surrounding prepay gsm is written.???

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    use your new tata plans check the website and choose best palns of tata

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