Never go for Tata Indicom broadband, never. Thats the message I want to pass across. You can sit in front of the computer and have no internet connection but still do not think about having one from Tata indicom.

The reason ? There are many. First of all , your connection would be down, for ,say 25 days in a month. And if thats not enough and you are having a prepaid connection, you will be losing money on that also as the validity period gets eroded while you are twiddling thumbs about the no-link problem.

The final reason would be their futuristic support and call-center. Its really next-gen , so you can be sure that they do not understand what you are saying and vice-versa. End result will be like this after giving them a call : You tearing your hair off and they merrily enjoying the next ....hmmmm...’bakra’.

On a deeper note, I think that its not the fault of the call-center, they do not have anyone to act on the complaints I guess.

Still, if you want to go ahead and give it a try, carry on , its your money after all!!

Its been two months since I am using Tata Indicom Broadband, and its a surprise that its working quite well after the initial hiccups. There were problems in the starting( details about which I have mentioned above ) but once you have got the connection, its really ok ! The speed continues to be a let-down as I get 12 kbps average ( my pkg is 256 kbps ) while downloading files in the peak hours.

Also, when I asked the sales executive about re-charging he said something about going to their main office and getting my pack renewed, which was completely non-sense. I have tried renewing through the broadband web-site only and its quite fast and user-friendly ( should not take more than 5 mins ).

Therefore I am improving the ratings of this product here.
So I am changing my rating of this product and making it a little better