This connection just sucks !!! Been using the same for the last 20 months and the service is declining day by day. Here are my observations and experiences:
1. The service is not at all reliable.
2. It will breakdown when you need it the most.
3. Call centre is just for calling - in case you want to shell-out your anger on someone.
4. They donít have a good technical team to handle customerís problems.
5. I am facing a problem of frequent disconnection since April 2005 and now the situation is that even their engineers have said that they canít do anything more and they are clueless to what exactly is happening.
6. I an getting a speed of 100Kbps on a connection of 256Kbps. At the time of taking a connection I was not told that my connection is not a dedicated one but a shared one, so lot of fluctuation in the speed.
7. The TATA people donít seem to agree with you and just force their viewpoint on you.
8. There is lot of politics going on inside the company where the lower staff is not letting the higher authorities to know about the problems.
9. I have even come to know about cases where a customer is paying for 128Kbps connection and getting 512Kbps speed.
10. I was even suggested by one of their staff members to shift to SIFY Broadband because they are not able to provide me a good service.
11. It is high time TATA realises that itís name is not promoting confidence in the customer.
12. I have sent e-mails even to Mr. Ratan Tata , but no reply.
13 The company is full of s***ers and b***ards.