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The worst ISP in India?

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    India Broadband

    Default The worst ISP in India?

    I didn’t want to choose Tata Indicom (aka VSNL) broadband - really, I didn’t.
    First on my list was BSNL; next was Airtel - from reading consumer reviews, Tata Indicom was way down on my list.

    Still, BSNL doesn’t offer an unlimited data transfer package. And I couldn’t install Airtel because they apparently *need* to drive nails through your outer wall, and my landlord wasn’t cool with that. At any rate, similar catastrophes happened during my attempts to get a decent unlimited broadband connection.

    Well, after a month or so, I was down to Tata Indicom on my list, and I applied; I had a connection in 5 days.

    Oddly I lost signal (i.e., line signal - Tata Indicom gives you DSL) the first day. I made a call to customer care; they told me they’d resolve the problem in 24 hours, and amazingly, so they did! They sent a barely literate guy over the next morning, who told me their cable had been cut somewhere - he got me connected again in an hour. I was duly impressed by the prompt service.

    To cut a long painful story short, this cycle of events started happening *EVERY SINGLE DAY*; oh wait, not every single day - sometimes, the barely literate guy doesn’t show up for a couple of days or ten. In addition, during the few hours a week that I’m actually connected, I found that transfer speeds were consistently 30% lower than advertised.

    After a month of this ridiculous ’’service’’, I wanted out - I was just paying money to Tata Indicom to waste several minutes of my time every day calling customer support or talking to the barely literate technician. It’s been a month since then - I’m still trying to get them to cancel my subscription to their ’’service’’.

    Meanwhile, I’ve moved on to BSNL; I prefer paying for bandwidth over paying for frustration.

    Oh, and their technicians and customer service folks are terribly inept and their hilarious actions included:
    1. Telling me they’re filing a complaint, but never actually doing it
    2. ’’Troubleshooting’’ my lack-of-signal problems over the telephone by asking me to empty my browser cache and any number of other inane stock actions
    3. Telling me my problem would be solved in 24 hours irrespective of what the problem is, whether the next two days are company holidays, and the fact that my problem never actually got resolved over the entire period of my relationship with them

    My advice: don’t, for the love of god, choose Tata Indicom DSL unless they pay you at least Rs. 10,000 a month - not worth it otherwise.

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    Quote Originally Posted by India Broadband View Post
    I didn’t want to choose Tata Indicom (aka VSNL) broadband - really, I didn’t.
    First on my list was BSNL; next was Airtel - from reading consumer reviews, Tata Indicom was way down on my list.


    Just an update...Tata Indicom has handed over (at least in Bangalore) their last mile connectivity to local cable wallahs!!! I think Sify and Tata Indicom have much in common now.

    Can someone kill all cable wallahs and get this problem over with???
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    Default BROADBAND DOESNT EXIST IN INDIA!!! Read this..


    PLEASE take a look at this link!!! After reading that, I CAN certify that Broadband in India is YET to come!! Maybe 15 years from now!!!!!!
    To give a Gist of the article, the user is wondering whether or not to take a 1GBPS broadband connection from a new provider!! Because he feels his current 100MBPS connection is fine and he doesn't want to change his friggin' NUMBER!!!

    CGJIG » Cheap 1Gbps Home Lines in Japan

    READ it and be merry!! TRAI -> You ARE fools to call 256 kbps BROADBAND (that kbps btw my fellow suffering indians... = 32KBPS 8 bits=1 byte)!!!!!!!!

    Oh did I mention DOWNLOAD LIMITS????? If the poor dude in the articly had to pay lets after say a 100 GB download...he could've only used the net for ONE DAY!!!

    ARGGGHHHH...Why are we indians world class fools?

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    tata sucks.. the funny thing is that everyone seems to have the same problem.. the link going down.. i just dont get it.. how pathetic should ur equipment be for this to occur with this frequence and that too everywhere!

    tata is a waste of money.. and i just checked the plans.. they are one of the costliest!! neither service nor price.. its just a mystery with what morality they offer this so called broadband of theirs!

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