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Hidden Charges and Customer Service Tata Broadband

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    Default Hidden Charges and Customer Service Tata Broadband

    Please ensure your billing things with Tata broadband,

    Their sales person confirms you that complaints will be resolved with in 2-3 hours but once you put up complaints they say clearly that it will be done by next 24 hours and till morning nothing can be done. What I feel they are working on Sify architecture of Cable operator and other things in-between. So be ready for disconnections.

    I got installed a connection and it start from day 1

    1) their people came with cable, and good point is they were not having Drill machine, Hammer, Screw Driver, and good part is they were telling me that I have to arrange for the these things if I need connection.
    I must say thanks to god, they have not asked me for pole or wire to put on

    2) After installation -- with 2-3 breakdowns with in one month, they sent me a bill where they charged rental in advance. When I checked with customer care that this is post paid connection, they said its a company policy, and you have to pay it in advance rental. and more over if you won’t pay it in advance then you connection will be disconnected with in 3 days.

    3) I got a call from their Hyderabad outbound call center, but problem is still same, he was telling me that you have signed in terms and condition and clause number is 20 -- some thing, but when I checked there were only 15 clauses -- again a wrong information.

    If any one need names I can provide them here.

    4) Its been more than 15 days when I lodged a complain where they have to show me document where I signed for advance rental, I got just one email that complain t is closed but not reply or contact.

    4) Now I have applied for disconnection not sure how long they will take to refund money -- I hope around 1 year

    So please be alert with them. a wrong billing , and very bad customer service.

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