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Consider this as last option

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    I had no other choice but to go for Tata Indicom connection as there is no other service provider available in my area. I live in Bangalore and at my place neither Airtel nor BSNL is available and so I went with TI. Its more than 15 days I applied for connection. I paid the money for connection and completed all the formalities. The TI representative at the first time told me that it will take max 3-4 days to get connection.

    After waiting for 5 days, I called up Customer Service and he very politely told me that their general policy is 10 days by which they provides the connection so I need to wait for some more time. I asked him the contact details of their engineer so that I can directly contact them. But he was unable to provide any details.

    Any way, after 10 days - as I did not get any update from TI people, I called them again, expecting that they will realize their mistake and take immediate action. But wait, they are seems to be completely from different world. The customer care representative told me that their general policy is 10-15 days and I should definitely get the connection in 15 days...

    Aaahh..Thatís the end of my patience...I disconnected the call as I know that the representative will again cook some story for me.

    Now after 15 days, TI - committed to its promise - has put the internet cable in my house. But the funniest part is I canít still use the connection and the reason....they have not yet configure it and not given the IP address...and again...already three days are over...two calls to customer care are over...I guess if this is the start I should not expect any thing much from Tata. They are good only in Steel manufacturing...

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    That is surprising as there are a lot of options for broadband in Bangalore. Sometimes many are unaware of cable connections as they are not advertised so it is a good idea to search around and ask people living near you to what connection they are using. The same happened with my I only opted for the big brand named broadband companies and it was only till last year I that I found out about a local cable connection WorldCall.

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    This is a 9 year old thread and back in the days there were not many options. Broadband availability has only started improving since last 3-4 years.

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