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These guys just plain Suck.. Total Poop!

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    India Broadband

    Default These guys just plain Suck.. Total Poop!

    Tata Indicom Broadband is just a service out there to make sure everyone learns how to get screwed Royally. They are your official and inspirational professors in the feild of ’CHEATING’- ’SCREWING’ and most of all being totally ’PATHETIC’ .

    Where do these guys come from?

    I have been awaiting a broadband connection from these A$$ Holes from the last 25 days, and yet they have only one answer, ’’..its being processed’’. I mean what the hell kind of a process is happening out there, is it being accelerated depending on the fart that comes out of the Tata’s A$$ or something ?

    First it was 4 - 7 days, then no news. Call up and they say, its 7 - 10 days, again no news. Then you call its 10 -16 days, what the hell?.. ok.. still you wait..wait and waiiit.. and today is the 25 day and yet they are so sure that they will be giving me a broadband connection. Some people get paid for a free i guess, the Customer Care and those Technicians.

    Oh Blooody Tata, could you fart a lil quicker so that my connection comes through. Or atleast bloody give me back my money!!! You pissed me to the core... surpassed all my limits. I will bloody make sure none of the people in my network takes up your shiiit hole.

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    HI guys,

    Watzzup just going through lot of blogs with ref to the matters related to the TATA indicom broadband consumers suffering and wanted to create a unified voice for all of us
    Hence you are requested to provide your email id and user id
    Please drop me a mail at my email id
    Your's truly,
    The blog3 team

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    Hi Buddy i am facing same problem with you.Its already three months ago i applied for broadband.The most pathetic is that they never bother to call you and tell you whats the status of your application.Now i am trying to cancel my applciation andd get my money back.But they are taking time in that also .TATA is brand name.I dont know why their this service is so pathetic.Plz ask your friend never go for TATA.And i suggest you plz cancel your application.

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    hey Can u provide me ur name and enquiry no as m collecting email ids and complaints no to create a unified voice for all of us.
    U can mail me ur details on my id


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