What is good/ok/bad ?

commitment - Actual - comment

7 days - 7 days for installation - Good
7 days - 10-15 days - ok
7 days - one month - Bad ..but still fine as u got the connection
7 days - 3 months and still .. - How would u rate this ?

This has been the service from Tataindicom, and repeated calls to the customer care (atleast one a day) fetchs you the only information that answers all questions ’’ connection is under progress’’.
I feel any moran with out even looking at what exactly the problem could give this answer, but this is exactly the answer that you get from TI.

After 3 months you apply for a cancellation (should i still say b’se of desperation) and there you are.. your eternal journey begins agian.... you still do the same business of calling the call cener ..

One Happy thing is .. now u have something differnet to talk .. ’’ status of the cancellation’’ ... and .. the cancellation is still not done .. I had applied on 14 feb 2006 and today 25 Apr 2006

Did i miss it .. ’’Never.. Never in you life .. dare to take a Tata Indicom connection .. This has been the PATHETIC, PATHETIC.. PATHETIC service that i had ever experienced ’’