Lousy customer service and lousy field engineers...This describes Tata Indicom boradband service best.
Their customer service executives can do nothing but give you a complaint number and after that, field engineers dont know what to do to solve the problem.
For every thing, they call you to Sanjay Nagar, bangalore office and tell that nithing can be done without our personal visit.
This is strange, an ISP tellin you that u cant pay bills online. This is rediculous.
Going with tata indicom is testing your patience.
Following is one more complaint that I read on my office bulletin board:
Iíd like to bring to your notice on the horrible services of Tata Indicom Broadband.

Iíve registered a complaint on 23-Mar-06 saying that Iím not able to browse thru the internet properly. They promised action in 24 hours. But, the field engineer called up after 6 days to fix an appointment and came down to my place. He tried to install something on my laptop. But His CD was not read by my laptop. For this, he says that my OS is having some issues as his CD is not being read and that I need to reinstall my OS, only after which he would investigate the issue. When I said that Iím using the same laptop at office and Iíve no issues, he says ďI donít know. You get your OS re-installed and Iíll come to investigate the issueĒ. I said that that is not possible as Iím working very comfortably at office with the same OS. He said that he would come back again the next day.

After 1 week, I called up the customer care center to enquire on what had happened. To my shock, they said that the complaint has been closed stating that ďThe customer needs to re-install OS as his OS is having problemĒ. Also, they said that they visited my house on 8th of April, 2006. I was out of station on that day and there was no one at home for them to look into the issue. When I told them the same, they said they cant don anything excepting to take a new complaint.

With no option left, I registered a new complaint almost 15 days later. And this time, for a change, I got a call from one of the field engineers requesting them for an appointment. I told them to come that day evening and waited at my home. No one turned up. This happened thrice in all. Finally, I decided to get rid of the service and registered a request asking them to disconnect my internet service. They took the request and told me that their team would give me a call in 2 to 3 days time. Today, when I asked what is the status of the complaint, they told me that the complaint is closed because I didnít give them anything in writing and that they would act only upon giving the written complaint and after I returned the router. They also told me that I need to clear all my dues. The fact is, I paid them an advance and they still say that I need to clear my dues.

Their office is in Sanjay Nagar and they expect us to go there, write a request to disconnect the internet connection and submit them the router. Only then they would disconnect the services. Till then, they would not do so.

Now, Iíve registered one more request mentioning the same. God knows when they would disconnect my request and when I can stop paying them.

The customer care executiveís duty is just to take the complaint from you and all they can do is just give you complaint #. After this, you have to leave the request to the mercy of the field engineers. Itís their discretion on when to attend the problem and how to attend the problem. When you call up the customer care center to find out what is the status and the details of the contact person, they say that they wonít give any details stating that there are no details with them. All they say they will do is ďSir, we will escalate the callĒ. How many ever number of times you call up the customer care, this would be the only reply you get. No resolution of the problem. The worst part is we cant reach any of their top officials or executives to explain our issues or concerns.

In my honest opinion, one should not opt for such a horrible service. Please be careful while taking the broadband internet connection from TATA INDICOM.íí