I got a VSNL Broadband connection installed in Feb 2006. When it works , it works OK but at least one week every month , the link is down. getting through to the call centre is a nightmare. Takes minimum 10- 15 minutes to get through. Then the guy or girl who takes the call will only apologize and give you a complaint number and say the problem will be fixed in 24 hours. Often it is not and you have to complain any number of times. The folks at the call centre are morons capable of saying nothing more that the complaint is being referred for urgent attention , some one will soon call back and so on. Accidentally , I discovered that for every 24 hours the link is down , they are supposed to give you a credit but this doesnt happen automatically even though the complaint is registered on the system. It looks that the technical and billing sections dont talk to each other. All in all, an awful experience.