I agree with most of the people here. I got a connection 15 days after I paid up 3 months of advance. It worked for a few days and never after that is .The connectivity down at my home even tough the main switch/router etc for my apartment complex of 9 buildings is on my terrace only. I wonder why it took so long for them to lay a cable from the roof top switch/router to my house and do a feasibility analysis for 15 days on the possibility doing this. Itís (9 May to 03 July) more then 8 weeks since the problem is registered and not attended. I canít get any thing beyond a standard assurance from customer care that it will be fixed ASAP... You get to speak to some one after 8 mins of being on hold on the customer care number. Try this before you subscribe this BS. I have paid up the 3 months advance, so that money is gone down the drain. These TataIndicom executives are similar to the pimpsí .Just duping people like this and also spoiling the TATA brand reputation.

Dear Reader, such people seem to get away with it if you read this and still go ahead on asking for a service from these people. If you really want to get the service, better assume this money is gone; give it to charity in place of buying BS from these pimps.

Guess what I had to do. I just flicked the switch on the main router these buggers have installed on my terrace. It effected 60+ customers and they had to come and fix it (switch it on). Itís 03 July and I will do it again so that my problem is highlighted.