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Never Ever Take Tata BroadBand Connection

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    Default Never Ever Take Tata BroadBand Connection

    I was using ICENET ISP’s cable connection and decided to switch to TATA Broadband connection. So i called up it’s sales representative(Name: DHRUMIL). I took 64 kbps unlimited plan and paid 3143 rs. I told him to install connection on 12th but nothing happens on that day. I called him and service center many times. Then and then they came and install the plan. But then one more thing happens. They installed 256kbps limited plan. I have done complain on this on VSNL on 13th May. But till date ( 22nd May) nothing happens. Today they are asking me to give written paper on this . It is not my fault and still i have to pay for it. Pay for money and pay for worst service.

    Now, regarding internet connection, speed is ok but connection breaks at anytime. On saturday it breaks, i phoned him but nothing happens. Then i called on sunday and they told sunday is holiday. I called sales representative but he told me that i am sales person. So do his job completed once he sold the connection? i don’t think so. Whenever i asked him something, he told me i am doing this and i will talk to this in meeting and like this.

    When net is down, tata’s engineer(Tilak) come on monday and after checking something he(Tilak) told me that your lan card is not working. So you need to buy another one. But before buying new, i check it with icenet connection and it’s working. Why the hell he is telling that lan card is not working without confirming. If i am not software engineer, this people will tear out my shirt.

    Now, next thing. Tata’s great customer service center number. When you call his customer service center auto reply told you ’’Thank you for waiting’’ and it makes you waiting till 5 to 10 minutes on your call. Upto now i make a call of 50 rs and don’t know how many i will make untill 6 month. ( I bought 6 month pack without thinking and asking to anybody)

    The conclusion is, never never never take tata indicom broadband. Worst connection. Worst sales representative. Worst engineer. and Worst Customer service.
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