I had applied for a connection in Pune. I was promised 15 days for the connection. Its almost 2 months now and there is no communication from these guys as to when the Broadband connection will be provided.
Everytime we call the customer service, they say that the matter has been escalated. Still they do not revert back. Everytime we have to be on hold for at least 10-15 minutes before soemone comes up to speak to you. And the poeple who actually come up do not have a clue of how the complaint thing works. The only thing they have been kept for is to take the complaints.
I have asked them for a refund and still they havent replied back to us when i would get back the refund. I had taken a 6 month plan and now i feel that my money has gone wasted. I am not even sure that i will get back the money leave alone the connection.
All in all a very bad service and I would not advise anyone to go for it specially in Pune.