I am a 5 year old customer of VSNL in Delhi with id anupam.sri@vsnl.ne. When Tata Indicom guys contacted me for a broadband i agreed looking at there good services for the past years i used there services. But for my surprise

It took almost 2 months for them to give a connection.

The day they gave me a connection, there sever was not working leaving me unconnected for 7-8 days.

Finally I got the connection working thy gave me 512Kbps connection where i had requested them for 64 Kbps on & on Connection (suitable for home surfing)

Now the Manager here asked me to not to use the connection for 2-3 days till he changed my Plan

It took them another month to update my Plan.

Now the connection never works and I have to work still on the dialup

My telephone bill has risen exponentially as I use dial up and call there ‘pathetic’ customer care on a daily basis without any turnout.

I requested them to cancel all stuff and give me Id back which they are refusing.

Its total blackmail I am facing right now. I can’t get my 5 year old id back and nobody listens to my complaints. Any help in this regard would be welcome.


Ps I am writing this on dialup only?, latest complaint no. 41743203(Since 19th June till date-24 June and going)