I have applied for Tata Indicomís prepaid connection a month ago. They pulled a cable after 5-6 days. I was happy seeing that atleast I got broadband cable at my home.

And since then I was waiting for modem for around 25-30 days. I didnt get any call from Indicom regarding the installation. I manage to get the engg. number who supposed to install modem at my home. Hid name is Mohan was supposed to install the modem. He said he will be coming by the evening but he didnt mention the date, so I am waiting for the evening to come. And after that day he never picked up my phone.

I mailed at customerservice@vsnl.co.in for the same, but didnt get any reply.

Then I tried customer service center and got the compaint number after almost holding phone for 30 mins. He told me that I will get the call from Indicom within 24 hours.

Today when I didnt get any call from them I again called at service center. After waiting for almost 15 mins on the phone, I got connected with service center executive. I asked them to discontinue the service imidiatly. He told me that he got a message from Indicom today itself, that the modem will be up on 10 of July 06. That is almost 11 days from now.

Now I am waiting for 10th July 06.