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buying tips for Tata indicom broadband

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    Default buying tips for Tata indicom broadband

    I m from delhi.First of all I want to say that I did not get any problem with tata Indicom Broadband till now.The speed is also good.I read many reviews about tata broadband which was in against of tata.But I believed in tata and connected last month.Yes! it will take at least 5 days for installation from date of booking.The customer service is not good for hindi speaking people,they will hold up in line for long time for transfering ur call to hindi department.


    If u r going to take a tata indicom broadband and want to share that connection in multple PC, please go for their post paid plan otherwise u wouldn't be able to share broadband connection without making server client using proxy server and proxy server enabled pc having two lan card installed.The reason is that they will give u dynamic IP with pre paid plan using PoE, And using dynamic ip u can't share a broadband connection.In this case u need to pay extra 2000 RS. + taxes for buying static IP for sharing purpose.While post paid plan by default provide u a static IP and cost nothing except ur choosen plan

    Note : If any body know how to share Tata Indicom WiMAX Broadband connection (pre paid with dynamic IP, POE, require login) without making client server, Pls share with me...Thanks

    And one important thing always call Tata Indicom Broadband customer care at this no. : 18002097070 (Toll free).U can call at this no. from ur mobile too.It's free.
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