I have a very SUPER technical Q':

I do know how to setup almost everything but I am stuck at this point.

I have TATA broadband
I have a Linksys Wifi router
I have my laptop which I use as a local server for my projects.

I need my laptop to always be, since all my local website projects are set on that IP.

I have setup my WiFi to DHCP and assigned my Laptop MAC address to, so this can happen without a problem, when I use my MTNL ADSL internet.

But when I use TATA broadband with same settings (Automatically Assign WiFi settings), then my laptop gets 10.45.202.xxx.

If I change the Wifi to Static IP, and enter 10.45.202.xxx then my latop still gets the same 10.45.202.xxx...

If I change the static IP to 192.168.1.xxx on wifi, then too my latop will get 10.45.202.xxx.

When I use static ip for my laptop as, I dont get connected to internet which is at 10.45.202.xxx

So anyways that I get connected to internet and I can keep my laptop IP as i want ?

Please help me