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TATA Broadband wimax with wireless router

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    Default TATA Broadband wimax with wireless router


    I recently went for TATA broadband unlimited service ,
    now with the acess box , I wish to run 2-3 laptops by using a wireless router.
    I asked the customer care service they told me I have a dynamic IP , so I should go for static Ip first.

    My ques is does a wireless router work with dynamic IP , if yes what are the settings reqd, any is thr any specific wireless router I should buy,please do suggest a router(model)?


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    Wireless routers do work with dynamic IP. I have the DLink DIR-300 wireless routers and 2 laptops + Cell Fone work fine on the wireless network. However, in my case, one machine is on the wired option and the others are wireless. I have not tried to make that also wireless, but u can try.

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