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configure issue :Linksys WAG200G and Tata broadband 256

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    Default configure issue :Linksys WAG200G and Tata broadband 256

    I got a new Linksys WAG200G wireless router. Tried setting it up thru the cd provided but couldn't. Does nybody have links, docs which can help me.
    I am using Dell Latitude D630 laptop .Have static ip from tata.
    I am not sure where to put the cable into the modem comming out of white box provided by tata. I have got 5 ports in router , 4 marked as eternet and 1 line. Presuming Line to b input when i tried inserting the cable comming out of the white box provided by tata i couldn't because its smaller in size.

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    Red face WAG200G on Tata Indicom / Telservices Static IP Conn.


    First we shall discuss the connection problem you have highlighted in your post.

    The white box supplied by Tata Indicom / Tata Teleservices referred to, in your post can be the small box which is splitter or a larger box which is the ADSL MODEM / Gateway supplied by them. From the problem you have mentioned it appears, in most probabilities, that you are trying to connect the out cable of the ADSL MODEM / Gateway, which has the RJ45 Plug to the DSL line-in socket on your WAG200G which is the smaller RJ11. If this is so it is because the out cable from your ADSL MODEM / Gateway is a LAN Cable. The DSL/ADSL cable which is supposed to connect to this socket on the WAG200G is that connected by the TATA personnel from the MODEM port on the small splitter box which is connected to your wall socket for your Tata ADSL/Voice Line (voice is applicable if you have a Tata Indicom Phone running on the same line and connected to the Phone port of the splitter). The WAG200G has a ADSL MODEM / Gateway incorporated and does not require the ADSL MODEM supplied by Tata Indicom. The RJ45 sockets in the yellow area of WAG200G, marked 1, 2, 3 & 4 on WAG200G are out sockets form it for connections to upto four PCs by LAN Cables with RJ45 plugs on either ends. You need to use one of these socket to connect to the RJ45 Socket of LAN port of your PC. You can use the out cable from your Tata MODEM / Gateway for this.

    If you are referring to the splitter as white box and have already bypassed the Indicom supplied MODEM, it appears that that the DSL Line In socket on that modem may be non standard and consequently the cable between the splitter and that MODEM has a non standard plug at the MODEM end. If this is so, use a standard RJ11 telephone cable available in the market to connect the WAG200G and the splitter. In this case also the LAN connection between the WAG200G and the PC is same as described in the above paragraph.

    Once you are connected you need to power up the WAG200G and after stabilizing check the LEDs. The LEDs for Power, Wireless, and one of the LAN LED (depending on which LAN socket on the WAG200G is connected) and the LEDs for DSL and Internet should be lighted.

    The manual setting procedure for WAG200G is available on the Knowledge base on Linksys Site by seraching for "Knowledge+Base+Linksys

    You need to search for it since the reply I was trying to post originally with the URL was not allowed to be posted by Indiabroadband under one of their rule that I can post URLs from my 16th post, the intent of which I cannot undestand!

    Use your Indicom MODEM to connect to it and read / download the appropriate manual setup procedure which is in answer no 3997 for settings for static IP. You will find other wealth of information on this URL for setting up wireless etc. Try to set-up after reading the info on that URL. If you still have problems post them back on IndiaBroadband and I shall try to walk you through the process.

    Webmasters at Indiaboradband Please let me know the rational of your rule referred in para 6 above.

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    1. Tata Indicom WALL Jack ===rj11 cable (a)== ADSL splitter LINE
    ADSL spliter PHONE port ===RJ11 cable (b)==>>>ALL telephones
    ADSL SPLITTER MODEM PORT===>> RJ11 cable (c)== TATA modem
    Tata Modem === cable RJ45 (d) === computer ethernet port.
    Confirm Internet working OK>
    Keep standby TATA Modem ( make and model ???)

    PARA TWO: Now shift cable (c) Rj11 to WAG200
    Again shift Cable (d) from modem end to LAN1 of WAG 200

    RUn Installation CD and or Wizard.
    Report any problem.

    Reference: forTATA ADSL Modem Model required. ____________________________

    REFERENCE: for WAG200
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