I am a Tata Customer from last 9 years . eversince it was dishnet, then vsnl. now tata communication.

One thing that has not changed over these years , there stubborn nature to resolve the customer issues.

I think that is in their training manual , that ull always find fault at the customer premises only, u have a full proof network lol.

2 months ago i was forcefully shifted to a Wimax connection from a wireline connection, stating dat we are closing the wirelines and wont be able to serve customers widout Wimax.

As there is no alternative i had to sift.

There is where my ordeal started.

The speed was highly irregular if you compare to a wireline connection, I get a good signal strength i.e 27-28. But there was a lot of variance in the speeds, so i whifted to the next avaialble 512 UL plan. the speeds improved the problem still presisted.

I was not able to open certain sites while using Tata connection but as soon as i use another ISP they start opening on the very same Comp without any problem. they are very common sites.

NDPL - North Delhi Power Limited

I do alot of work on these 2 sites.

After numerous complaints regarding the same , i have got some half a dozen Engineer visits and few hundred calls asking about what kind of a complaint this is, now everytime around there is a new person calling, whom i have to explain the problem, they promise they will send a senior tech to solve the problem, but everytime aroun their comes a dumb ass person who doesnt even know how to ping, or do nslookup, and will spend around 1-2 hours talking to backend, then pulls out his laptop tries the same connection on his laptop as well, when the sites dont open .... and then would say "sir humne data collect kar liye hai we will revert regarding the same". Some days later a new entity would arrive at my doorstep, perform the same routine again and leaves.

Just to be sure i had even formated my machine and even tried switching my computer with another one but the problem remained the same.

Now 2 days ago i recd a call from TATA people saying that they are sorry they are unable to solve the problem. We cannot help you.

Now yesterday i recd a call close conformation call their they said there was some local lan fault at the customer premises which is causing this problem, i fail to understand how come there be any fault at my end when they use to connect there laptop directly to their wimax device. and above all the device has been directly connected into my lan port bypassing any switch or hub.

Plus had their been any problem with my machine

If their is any problem with their device or backend server how come they blame a customer for that .

i am putting the data below fetched by the engineers , if anybody could help i ll be highly obliged.

Hope somebody could help.