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VPN issue in TI Wimax 384 plan

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    Question VPN issue in TI Wimax 384 plan

    Hi ,

    I am also using this TATA Indicom Wimax connection i384 plan. I am not able to connect to office VPN using this connection.

    Is getting STATIC IP the only solution to this problem or is there any other way ??

    I have taken this plan in Rs 1000 pm for 384 kbps unlimited connection. Is this rate high ?? For giving static ip TI is asking 200 bucks more (i384 plus plan or Rs 2000/- one time to buy static IP)...which I think is a bit high for broadband connections !!

    IS it worth giving 1200 pm to TI or are there any other good options available ??

    Ur opinions please !!

    Many Thanks.

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    All i can suggest you is to change the ISP... Tata broadband is crap and they dont know the meaning of technology.. They are doing a hell lot of user tracking as they prefer making profits over consumer satisfaction.
    Let me tell u my story. I opted for tata's 2mbps night unlimited plan as i dont know abt their sucking services.... Actually i need good download speeds as i might want them in some cases. But in the whole period of six month, my speeds never go beyond 1.5 mbps. The server is down most of the times and i never got adjustments in the end. Overall, the service is too bad to be called as a broadband.....

    Oops... that happens to me everytime i hear abt tata. I really hate the company. Well, lets get to the topic....
    At the end of six months, i cant control myself so i get my airtel connection even when some days are left in tata package. Then i realized how freaking are their services. Considering you dont know much abt technical things, let me tell you two major things i observed which proves that tata is soo @#%*$&^%@#....

    I was downloading ubuntu from linux servers. Thats a new edition, so millions of users might be downloading the same. But wait, thats the sourceforge server and it never gets down. But what the F, i was getting 10-15 kbps speeds with download accelerators. tried everything but all in vain. Before blaming it on virus problems or my config problems, hear this.
    That night my airtel connection came in. Absolutely no change in the machine or in the software. My download was done 2% and i just resumed it, and voila.... it instantly shoot to 33 kbps constantly on my 32 kbps connection. It never got down than that. Pluggin tata again, it got back to that shitty speeds. That proves how bad tata servers are...

    Now the main point. I was trying to establish VPN as i badly wanted to play multiplayer games. I searched a hell lot of sites, did millions of tweakings and tried everything experts have to offer but just cant make a damm network. I was so discouraged that i left the hope. Now with that linux incident, i decided to try it again. Believe me man. i just make a clean install of hamachi and did not even a single modification. The server is up and running and players are connecting flawlessly. And yes, the router was the same one. That tata ate up a hell lot of my time.....

    Tata sucks big time.
    Airtel rocks...
    Opt for quality, not for cheap services... and you will feel the difference...

    Dont invest in static IP, thats not an IP problem. try and change the ISP instead.

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